Мультимедиа-студия 'Март'

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Every language contains an enormous number of words. From this huge variety we choose those words and concepts that are necessary for us in our daily life, our work, our leisure. Our store of words increases as our personality develops and the circle of our interests becomes wider.

This disc offers you the chance to read and listen to three Russian folk tales: “The Turnip”, “Masha and the Bear”, and “The Magic Swan Geese”, and to play games to develop your memory, your reasoning powers, your reaction time and even your ear for music.

Alexei Bogoliubov is an outstanding and significant figure for Russian culture – but one unfortunately not well known to a wide circle of art lovers. He lived a long and eventful life. He began his career as a naval officer at the fortress of Sveaborg (in Helsinki, Finland; today known as Suomenlinna), studied at the St Petersburg Academy of Art, and became a noted painter of seascapes.